Arta Plus Minibus

Arta plus minibus is a modern high performance product that provides passenger comfort and safety. The sound quality, amplifier and internal speakers are excellent. We focused on aerodynamic design and driving addition to reducing fuel consumption, reducing maintenance cost and increasing the life span of spare parts is one of the other benefits of this product. With the possibility of choosing different types of configuration and placement of passenger capacity, it can also be used for interurban trips. Powertrains, technical parts and materials are systematically designed to increase product life span.

Seats 22+1
Doors 1- 2(Optional)
Engine Horse Power 155HP
STD Emission EURO5,EEV

Arta Plus interior view

Customize your vehicle fits with your usage

In order to increase customer satisfaction, Sabalan Khodro has made it possible to customize the vehicle according to the usage.


Arta Plus technical specification

Semi - monocoque Body strructure
Cummins ISF3.8s Engine
ZF 6S 500(manual) Transmission
EURO5,EEV Standard Emission
115KW (155HP) / 2600rpm Engine Horse Power
500Nm / (1200-1900)rpm Max . Torque
3760cc Displacement
7300 / 2230 / 3030mm Lenght / width / Height
Leaf Spring Suspension
0.7m3 Luggage compartment
A/C - 16000Kcal Defroster Climate system
120L Fuel capacity
5400kg Gross weight
< %30 Gerad ability
Front: 3T / Rear: 5.5t Axle
Integral Power Steering Steering
Tubeless Radial , 215/75R 17.5 Tyers
WABCO ABS / WABCO ESC / WABCO LDWSEngine Cabin Temprature - alarming Device, Pneumatic Brake Brakes & safety Equipment
Front Disk & Rear Drum Braking Brakes
Diaphragm Spring Spring