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Sabalan Khodro Myone, as one of the subgroups of Myone entrepreneur holding is a leading company in the field of producing of commercial vehicles as well as heavy and semi- heavy vehicles with urban and interurban usage. This company is based on the knowledge and technology was founded in 2010 to meet the needs of the country fleet of transportation in the public and private sectors. The first product of Sabalan khodro Moyne "Daewoo city bus "was launched with the presence of minister of industrial and governor of Ardabil province in 2012 and Second product "GAC minibus" came into operation with the presence of the current first vice president Mr. Jahangiri , Ministry of industry Mr. Nemat zadeh and governor of province.

Sabalan Khodro with experienced managers in the automotive industry after contracting with Daewoo Company from South Korea imported the technology of production of City Bus and related knowledge to Iran. In less than eighteen months after the date of signing of the contract, the factory started to work in 2011 with production capacity of 2000 of Daewoo City bus per year.

Sabalan Khodro Myone is the first heavy vehicles manufacturer in Iran which uses the technology of jig and fixture has adjusted its production lines precisely to the production processes. This plays an important role in improving the quality and safety of automobiles that manufactured by Sabalan Khodro than other domestic manufacturers.

Sabalan Khodro Myone participated in Tabriz Public Transportation Fleet Reconstruction Project in 2012 in pursuit of its ambitious goals to protect the environment and help cleaner air by renewal of 100 units of city buses. The program was successful and the result was less fuel efficient buses with less pollution and upgrade engines from EURO1 to EURO4 emission standard.

Sabalan Khodro Myone in 2012 in order to develop its product portfolio according to market requirements for economical and high quality urban minibuses in the private and public sectors, co-opted with GAC -the official representative of Toyota in china- and produced minibuses with high quality with a capacity of 4000 units per a year.

In another beginning in 2018, Sabalan Khodro signed a joint production contract with FOTON which this collaboration will result in the production of new minibuses based on Emission standard and was in line with the latest technology of the day and production capacity of 1000 units per shift/year.

Again in 2018 Sabalan Khodro has signed a technology transfer and production contract with VOLGABUS to provide urban and interurban buses to participate in the modernization of the national fleet of transport.

Production geography

Sabalan khodro manufacturing factory is located at the area of 500000 square meters in Ardabil industrial zone, north western of Iran. It has created job capacity of 800 people is the initiator of industrial and entrepreneurial interactions in this beautiful province. Currently, production lines of interurban buses, urban buses, light commercial vehicles like: vans and minibuses are installed and ready for production.

Sabalan Khodro Company


Public transport facilitation is the most important goal of Sabalan Khodro. Attaining this goal is only by providing a full range of urban and interurban buses, vans and minibuses in order to achieve customer satisfaction. The efforts of Sabalan khodro engineers are focused on the manufacture and developing commercial vehicles with high quality and efficiently so they put customer satisfaction and their requirement at the top of their targets.

Sabalan Khodro tries diligently to offer its customers modern, safe and affordable products and services with high quality all over the country. Sabalan Khodro intends to sustaining growth and profitability with acquiring shareholder satisfaction, motivate employees, observe safety and maintain environment standards.


Sabalan Khodro aims to provide effective solutions in the public transportation area to take effective steps to address traffic problems, public transportation and air pollution, and will be known as one of the top three companies in the production of commercial vehicles in the next 5 year.

In this way, the Sabalan Khodro always strives to build strong relationship with customers, passengers, suppliers and business partners, employees and society. Sabalan Khodro does not just think of producing products with high quality, safe and effective products for the customer but also it is committed to itself to building a cleaner and better environment for life.

Organizational Strategy

Focus on transportation of passengers and the environment
Growth and profitability
Customer orientation
Continuous development of after sales services
Creating sustainable value
Pioneer in technology

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Our Team

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Social Responsibility

We are responsible to the community

We have a large family in Sabalan Khodro and human resource is the heart of Sabalan Khodro. In our view it is very important to provide a safe, healthy and occupational environment for its employee. Under such circumstances, Sabalan khodro’s human capitals can boost their professional skills and they can have individual development. Employment and increasing staff skills while job creation for drivers, with financial facilities, have contributed to the improvement of the standard of living and social well-being. Sabalan Khodro not only has become a leading automotive manufacturer in Ardabil province, but also provided economic growth and flourishing in this area. Sponsoring college festivals, factory visit and so on to promote a fuel consumption optimization culture, clean air and… are the other activities of the company that are working to fulfill their social commitment.

We believe in clean air

Our policy in Sabalan Khodro is based on the production of environmentally friendly products. Sabalan Khodro attempts to offer a variety of solution to reduce fuel consumption and to prevent the loss of energy and biological resources. This significant issue has been found in the automotive production lines and products of Sabalan Khodro. Upgrading the Vehicle Emission standards, using of new and advanced engines and gearboxes, helping in renew of all aged transport vehicles in transportation system, developing of public transport system transmission of fuel to CNG, are listed as our solutions to diminish the pollution and access the clean air.

We are responsible to the community, to maintain security and to create peace of mind among our peers

Developing and strengthening the public transport system and extending public transport capacity are the duties of citizenship of automobile manufacturers. Providing popular, modern and attractive products in the public transportation industry will change the citizen’s approach to using public transportation and will change significantly reduce cars with one passenger in metropolitan cities. The products of Sabalan Khodro with its high capabilities, safety, passenger comfort and the design are the perfect solutions for reducing the traffic.